What to expect at your first visit

At your first visit, Dr. Zuzelski will discuss your concerns and provide a full evaluation and physical exam. Often, ultrasound is necessary to aid in diagnosis and this may be offered to you during your visit. Additional testing or review of records may be necessary after your visit to provide the most accurate diagnosis. If this is the case, a follow up visit may be necessary to more completely review the information. Once all information is obtained, Dr. Zuzelski will review the treatment plan in detail with you. If further treatment is necessary, this will be scheduled for a follow up visit.

Insurance Information

Reactive Medical Center accepts Medicare primary insurance. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept other insurances at this time and the full payment will be due at the time of service and collected at your office visit.

Schedule Your Appointment

Thank you for choosing Reactive Medical Center. We believe in evaluating the whole person and not just an isolated injury. We provide detailed examinations and treatments plans aimed not only at healing the injury, but decreasing the risk of future injury.