About Dr. Anne Zuzelski

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Dr. Anne Zuzelski specializes in image guided regenerative medicine treatments to heal acute and chronic injuries of the spine and extremities. She established Reactive Medical Center to bring these therapies to South Orange County.

Dr. Zuzelski is a board certified physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist. She attended medical school at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI and went on to attend residency at The University of Michigan. She then completed a spinal cord injury fellowship at University of California Irvine. She began her career in private practice in Grand Rapids, MI, treating a variety of patients with severe neurological and orthopedic conditions that impaired them from functioning fully. It is through this work that she learned of prolotherapy and how it could benefit not only her patients, but many people with common conditions such as arthritis, tendon tears, and spine conditions among others.

To gain further training, she attended the Hackett-Hemwall-Patterson prolotherapy training conference and accompanied them on their annual Honduran mission trip, where she was able to treat patients with a variety of conditions with prolotherapy. She was inspired by how effective prolotherapy was at treating common, difficult-to-treat conditions. To better diagnose and treat her patients, she learned musculoskeletal ultrasound and completed the ARDMS certification program.

Due to a growing interest in regenerative medicine, Dr. Zuzelski joined the prestigious Orthohealing Center in Los Angeles. In addition to prolotherapy, she was able to use bone marrow concentrate, platelet rich plasma and other regenerative therapies to more effectively heal injuries. The experience gained during her time there was invaluable and inspired her to continue on in the regenerative medicine field. She is honored to be able to offer these services to her patients at Reactive Medical Center.

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